Will Volkmann


Hailing from the many corners of LA, Wild Year creates movable, nostalgic synth-pop with their new single "Twitching + Teasing" . After self-producing their debut album last year, Will Volkmann, the band's principal songwriter,  enlisted Lolipop Record's own Robert Cifuentes (Billy Changer, Corners etc) to produce. "Twitching + Teasing" shows Wild Year's full potential, featuring anthemic vocals from Cole Morrall, dreamy arpeggiated synths, tight beats from drummer Ajay Awasthi wrapped with guitarists Hunter Gurney's leads.  You can listen to their new release Twitching +Teasing here. Wild Year is a newly solidified band, but their latest collaboration is a step forward while remaining inspired by the past. The lyrics may be about loneliness and adjusting to a techno-based world, but the band is definitely a tight knit group of friends who had too much to dream last night.


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