Niki Oosterveen

(Niki pictured left, co-writer Warren Klein on the right)


Niki Oosterveen, born in Holland, started his music career in Italy.

He moved to the US, met Warren “Tornado” Klein in Los Angeles, and formed the futuristic rock band, Lazer.

A few years later he formed Enterprise with George Michalski, Leigh Stevens of Blue Cheer. Niki and George continued as a duo, managed by Jon Peters, writing for artists, notably “A Man I Loved” for Barbra Streisand's “Songbird” LP. Joining again with Tornado, they formed Wolves.

His movie credits include “Shape Your Body” in THE MAIN EVENT with Barbra Streisand, "Burn" from EYES OF LAURA MARS starring Faye Dunaway.

 Oosterveen's television and ad credits include compositions in “It's a Rock 'n' Roll World” and “Fame”, also a collaboration with Sammy Hagar for a superbowl commercial.

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