Malik 'the FrēQ' Moore


Malik 'the FrēQ' Moore is one of the shining stars of THE LIONS (members of Breakestra, Rhythm Roots All-Stars, Poetics and Macy Gray) and songwriter for THE BULLETS (w/Aggrolite Organist Roger Rivas), both true staples of the Los Angeles Reggae scene. But for years Malik has quietly been writing and performing genre-exploring songs.

As both bands adopt the songs, their full versions can be heard in all their glory, but the songs themselves are so sweet and personal that to hear them from Malik solo is a bit of a revelation.

Hearing songs like “Bird on a Wire” or “Sun Drenched Witch” performed solo gives us all a chance to catch the bitter-sweet optimistically haunting vibe of the the Freq.  When accompanied by a full band Malik’s detailed and nuanced songwriting and arrangement is on full display and that’s not even to mention his stellar voice! Malik 'the FrēQ' Moore IS what music has been missing!

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