Lauren Lakis



LA Nova is the solo project of Lauren Lakis. Lauren's love of music began while singing in church choir as a kid in Baltimore City, eventually gravitating toward the Riot-Grrrl sounds of Hole andBabes in Toyland & female-fronted electronica artists like Adult. and Peaches by the time she was a teenager. Musical endeavors were put on hold when Lauren fell in love with the theatre and decided to devote her time to acting. She acted on the east coast and in Tokyo until heading out to Los Angeles in 2011. 


She played around with song and lyric writing, but didn't officially join any bands until 2013, when she was the co-lead singer for the indie rock band Hobart W Fink. While in that band, Lauren began writing electro-inspired songs in her bedroom, under the name Creta Malta, inspired by Haruki Murakami's novel The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. Eventually, the positive response from the Creta Malta tunes inspired her to quit Hobart and pursue a solo path. LA Nova was conceived in late 2014 in a lock-out space at Bedrock Studios in Echo Park, with the EP Wasteland making it's official debut in February 2016. 
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