Karl Straub


Karl Straub is a D.C. area songwriter whose material has been covered by numerous artists, including Last Train Home and Mary Battiata. His songs have been performed everywhere from open mics to concerts at the Kennedy Center, and even reportedly, a festival in Antarctica. Straub's cult following includes cross dressers, rednecks, and sushi chefs, as well as many musicians and children, (most of whom remember his lyrics better than he does).

Straub has been performing original songs since 1985. His former band, the Graverobbers, released several albums, as well as contributing tracks to various compilations. Americana Hotel (a collection of cuts by local roots-oriented acts) featured Straub's material, and a smorgasbord of local players and singers recorded his song "Don't Take Advice." The album was on the Wall Street Journal's top ten list for 2001, and the recognition by his peers helped garner Straub a Washington Area Music Association nomination for Songwriter of the Year.

Straub's songs cut across many genres, throwing rock and roll together with country and jazz.

His best-known songs are often witty novelties like "Backwards Town" and "Don't Take Advice," prompting his mother's complaint that she "couldn't hear the words because people were laughing so loud."

While The Graverobbers are now defunct, future reunions are not out of the question. In the meantime, Straub is performing with his Karl Straub Combo. The live shows are always a little different, and always feature the compositions that inspired Pete Kennedy to call Karl Straub the area's best songwriter.

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