John Treanor


John Treanor has been writing and recording music in Los Angeles for over twenty years-crafting electric guitar architectures as huge, grim and inspiring as the desert west. His noisescapes are both artfully complex and brutally hard-hitting, mining his experiences of depression, anxiety, suicide, loss with antithetical uplifting topics to produce dense black holes of emotion that suck the listener in and spin their head.

John hasbeen guitarist, singer, and writer for such LA bands as The Sawdust Caesars  Satellyte, Spiral Arms- fitting in the garage/psych family, in addition to guitarist in The Boxing Lesson (space rock) and Violet Hex, a darker rock and roll sound.

He now applies his complicated perspective on how deep a fuzzed echo and sharp guitar can cut as leader of TOMBSTONES IN THEIR EYES, working intimately on recordings with psyche-punk legend Paul Roessler. Treanor faces life unrelentingly through his own crystal clear, onyx-dark eyes, refining and reflecting his experience with an unparalleled command of the electric guitar, at times summoning Crazy Horse cosmic gallop and Jesus & Mary Chain controlled skronk explosions.

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