Jean-Paul Riva


LA based artist, producer, and music publisher, Jean-Paul Riva is a reclusive songwriter. He is also the great grandson of one of the most successful and prolific songwriters of the 20th Century.

Having had the good fortune of spending many childhood years at his great grandfather's side, Riva inherited a love of melody. His own writing and production style reflects an  exposure to Harry Waren's effortless but advanced melodic structure, as well as a complete cultural immersion in the ground breaking and mind expanding music of the seventies. This convergience of classic rock and singer songwriter roots, with audible influences ranging from Harry Warren to the Beatles, point to the broad range of his compelling compositions.

In addition to his latest self-titled release, recent mixing and production credits include Rick Hack, Daniel Salin of Owl Owl, Ruby Friedman, members of Lional Ritchies band, and Mother Superior’s “Grande”.

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