Egrets On Ergot


Egrets On Ergot began in 2010 when Adam Brooks and Heather Galipo, two disilluisioned artists in LA, bonded together over their lack of musicianship and love for seminal groups like The Birthday Party and the Banshees. Over a year of rapid-fire personell changes and only about 4 songs written, the duo finally settled with a couple of punk minded friends (Jose Molina and Matt Sherin) that saw eye-to-eye with their creative direction and had patience to aid with the learning curve at hand. After another year of playing bombastic live shows around town, the group tracked down LA synth punk icon Paul Roessler to record their repertoire of nine songs. Roessler and Kitten Robot Studios became their mentor and temple of sorts, respectively, with the producer joining the ranks as provisional keyboard player for some recordings and the live gigs. Six of the songs from the Kitten Robot session were released independently as a vinyl EP "Serve U$ Tender", two as a digital single "Wimberly's Shortcomings" and the remainder track as part of a CD compilation attached to LA artist zine, BETEP No. 2.

Since, Egrets have enjoyed a Pacific Northwest tour and Southwest/New Orleans route; playing a live set on KXLU; opening for acts Lydia Lunch Retrovirus, Nervous Gender, Savage Republic, Thrill Kill Kult, and Gitane Demone Quartet; and acquisition of new bass player (Daniel Munoz), furthering their sound to branch out in all the experimental realms of what could be considered a post-punk colored revue. Egrets On Ergot persist with pushing the boundaries of dark, dance, chaos, transcendental, queer, and psychedelia, maintaining ambiguous intention of music theory annihilation.