Though it's been only one year since Blackbird began their Black Electro movement, the multi-faceted emcees' hip-hop roots go deep. Members of Blackbird began writing and performing in the '90s with the experimental hip-hop group Darkleaf, an avant garde underground rap group that was more psychedelic than boom bap.

In 1998, Blackbird began working with producer Paris Zax on the project, Fetterless. After the demise of Fetterless, "Bird's Eye View" was released in 2005 on DJ Daddy’s Kev's (Low End Theory) Alpha Pup Records, garnering overseas attention from the European press. The next album, THREE BIRD, was released in 2009. Blackbird then collaborated with world renowned DJ Cut Chemist on several interesting projects.

Following "Bird’s Eye View", Blackbird formed an alternative pop-punk rock band called Blackbird & The Feather’d People which dominated the L.A. live scene to massive critical acclaim.

After Feather'd People disbanded, Blackbird decided they were ready for something different, tracking down Thavius Beck to collaborate on a new concept... something that defied genres. Black Electro was born.

"I'm continually inspired by such artists like Bowie and Prince who have always been able to reinvent themselves and stay current, if not ground-breaking, in their musical expression," Blackbird says. "I get inspired and make music to inspire others."

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